Weight Loss Coaching

So you've decided you would like to lose weight? And keep it off?

There are a number of diet companies, plans, clubs, books and supplements out there, but with these initiatives, there seems to be a "beginning" and "end" to eating differently. The Weight Loss Coaching I practice is about changing the way you think about food for life, making weight loss possible and sustainable.

Depriving bodies of essential nutrients and vitamins in order to maintain a weight loss goal can make the whole process extremely hard. I practice feeding the body exactly what it needs to remain healthy and happy and educate as I go, to allow you to continue with the same ethos and success for the future.

The Shape For Life Group does plan to start soon! It will be a brand new concept in this area as it doesn't just focus on weight loss - it promotes healthy eating for life and being the best you can through what you eat. Weight loss is not such an uphill struggle when you are actually enjoying what you are eating!

Take a look at the Shape For Life information, click here - Shape For Life

I would love to chat to you if you have any questions so please do use the contact me pages. For more information go to How It Works and Book Me