Shape For Life Group

The Shape For Life Group

These are new groups being set up in the Northamptonshire Area - with the pilot starting in South Northamptonshire. Please come back to this page or subscribe to the Newsletter so you'll know when Shape For Life comes closer to you if you can't make this one!

What is Shape For Life?

There are many Weight Loss groups out there that promote a "diet", generally for a specific time, to reach a specific weight goal. Have you tried these? Failed? Ended up weighing more or putting the weight back on when you have gone back to eating "normally'?

Shape For Life focuses on changing the eating "normally" bit. It's not about dieting for a period of time and going back to bad habits, it's about changing what you do and how you feel, for life. With a fantastic support network, inspiration and motivation at each meeting, you will start to make positive changes to you life, relating to the exercise you do and the food you eat. Shape for Life is a way to build, bit by bit, a better, healthier, fitter and stronger you!

What Happens At a Meeting?

  • You don't need to weigh in, that's optional.
  • We review and look at new health products, new ingredients and keep updated with health and fitness news.
  • We regularly learn new recipes, sometimes a full demo and tasting with recipe cards to take home.
  • We talk about issues relating to eating behaviour and adopt new techniques to deal with bad habits.
  • Shape For Life Members can join the WhatsApp Life Group as a constant support between meetings. Photos, tips and 'AGH HELP!" always available.
  • Some weeks will be exercise focused with use of Trainer Watch (no gym memberships required, just a smart phone and a mat!).
  • Introduction and lessons on Health Apps to use at home.
  • Weather depending, some weeks there may be power walks or confidence building in adopting new attitudes to keeping active.
  • Nutritional advice each week.
  • Visitors from "other" health companies (yoga, gyms, reflexology) to promote and educate.
  • It can be used as either a "stand alone" resource to lose weight or to compliment a gym/established exercise programme, to adopt better eating. Why undo all that great work you are doing with a Personal Trainer or gym membership when you're in the kitchen?!

Most people will have no problem joining Shape For Life as it is very much designed to allow all ages and abilities to come along. If you are concerned however, do give me a call to discuss - Debbie 07944 888831

How Much Does This Cost?

  • £25 life time joining fee, which gives you a Welcome Pack, membership to the "Pay Per Month", voucher for 1x half price month and mini diet analysis and goal sheet for you to work from personally.
  • Once a member - you can buy a 1 Month Pass for the month you wish to attend. There is no tie in or contract, you can pay for one month (4 weeks), leave for any period and come back for another month. 1x Month (4 week) Pass costs £25.
  • You can buy a 1 time only guest pass per person for £5 if you wish to try it out and come along for one meeting. Please give me a call or email to warn me you're coming though! Buy One Get One Free and bring a friend.
  • There may sometimes be an extra cost (always discussed and agreed in a meeting first) if we decide on events or socials - e.g. trying out a new cafe, meeting up for celebrations, having some pamper sessions or other events that may carry a cost.
  • Your Monthly Pass allows you to attend 4x weekly 1 hour meetings, receive all hand outs, sample foods and refreshments at these sessions.

Pilot To Run In South Northamptonshire Area (Venue To Be Confirmed)
Every Friday Morning 9.45-10.45am (9.30am if you want to weigh in)
Please email or call ( or 07944 888831) if you want to be put on the list as places will be limited!