For Schools

For Schools

The Creative Wordsmith

Debbie offers an inspiring service to local schools called The Creative Wordsmith, which is the drive to keep children loving and reading books for the future. Most of us know the pleasure of growing up with a favourite novel or character, one that has maybe engaged us or just kept us warm and safe.

The Creative Wordsmith is also the drive to encourage children with writing their own stories and understanding description, characters and plot. Creating their own characters and bringing them alive is tremendous fun!

The Creative Wordsmith is a workshop that can be booked for small groups of Primary School Aged Children (Years 4-6), where they have fun with games, words and stories. They learn about what makes a good plot and how a story is put together, using the literary terms they will see in their learning as they grow. They get to create their own stories and understand the magic of using their minds and get to take home a great kit to work on after the workshop.

We Read

Reading at home can start to reduce as a child grows older - there are more distractions and parents sometimes don't have as many opportunities to engage too. The Wordsmith Workshops encourages independent reading habits for life.

We Create

When we create stories, we learn how beautiful our language can be. Writing also allows us to escape into our own thoughts. The Workshop teaches the art of journalling, which is a great way to keep a child writing and can prevent mental health issues in the future

And We Play

Why make reading and writing serious? If a child can laugh and learn, that lesson is far more memorable. The Workshops promote laughter and a great attitude to our language, which hopefully is taken home too - parents can have just as much fun with Middle Grade and YA books!

This is a pilot scheme for Northamptonshire currently and currently a totally free service. Please contact me to find out more.